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home > news > June 11, 2007
Launch of Dorset CNC. Custom CNC Router Work for Contractors and Furnituremakers. 06/11/2007
Dorset Custom Furniture is pleased to announce that we are now accepting custom work for our Multicam 1000 CNC router.  The work surface is 50 x 100 and this tool is pretty good at cutting curves, some profiles of curved moldings, both circular and eliptical, custom fluting, custom full size patterns and many other shapes that are often difficult to cut by hand in the normal shop or on the job site.  We can make large radius templates for wall layouts, custom, large French curves and radius templates for full size layout work. We can work directly from your .dxf CAD files  or create custom drawings using our toolpathing program, Enroute 3.  So, contact us by phone, in person, or by email at for custom quotes and work schedules.  Thanks and we look forward to working with you ...  Dan and Trevor     Dorset Custom Furniture    Dorset, VT     802 867 5541

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