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We've been doing a LOT of repair and restoration work lately.  Doing more and enjoying it more.  My guys love a break during a long project and also enjoy a new challenge that might only take them an hour or two to resolve.  Plus ... they often get to feel like real heros when the clients come to pick up their stuff.  Some of the pieces we fix are sooooo important to people and they feel sooo good when they are whole again that it just makes it all worth it.  Give us a call if you've got a worthy (to you) object that you need fixed and we'll see what we can do ....

In just the last couple of years I have come to enjoy the repair and restoration of worthy furniture. Sometimes it's easy and we enjoy being heroes, and other times, every step of the process is a challenge and a learning experience.   In general, we enjoy keeping the furniture alive and functioning, and a part of our clients' lives.   The chair shown below is a typical example of the process .... While we have not gone to formal "restoration school" we have taken the time to educate ourselves on the proper restoration techniques currently endorsed by other "trained professional" restorers.  References available on request.

This is as fine a writing arm Windsor you will ever find ANYWHERE. Absolutely pristine, original parts and paint with only one visible repair, until, it had it's accident and came to us. 

Here we have repaired and reglued the four birdcage spindles that support the writing arm.  The doweled broken stump in the foreground was the visible previous repair mentioned above.

The right arm stump has been properly repaired and the writing arm reinstalled.  The back spindles  have been carefully removed for regluing.  They apppeared to be all original with their original finish.

All in, all done .... Museum quality again .... This chair is as good as they get for writing arm Windsors.

This piece is a Journeyman project signed and dated 1894.  At the end of an apprenticeship, each apprentice built a scale model of a piece of furniture or architectural work. This piece was purchased in Santa Fe and shipped in pieces across the country to Manchester, VT.  After a little puzzle and detective work, we put it all back together again.

This was, when finished, a really neat piece.  It's hard to remember the dimensions,
but loking at the chisel in the third photo, I'd say it was about 14 x 18 x 18" high or so ... 

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